Young Inspiring Explorers’ Summit FAQ for Parents

What are the dates of the Summit?

September 21—22, 2019.

Can my child apply if they are not a William Pike Challenge Award participant?

Applicants need to be a member of the William Pike Challenge Award or a student at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate. Stay tuned for future programmes with more options.

Can you accommodate my child’s dietary restrictions? i.e.: nut-free, celiac disease

We sure can. If accepted, we will go over any special considerations to make a plan. Feel free to reach out and we can chat further about the specifics.

What if I want to get a hold of my child?

We are going to have a tech-free 36 hours. We can notify you of your child’s safe arrival in Christchurch. After that their phones will be put away. If there is an emergency you can call the programme manager.

What if I can’t afford the application contribution?

We have some limited funding available if this is a barrier for you and your child. We have a limited number of scholarships available that you can contact us about and we can discuss options further. We really do not want this programme to be cost prohibitive.

Do I need to help my child with the pre or post programme work?

Ideally no. They should be independent enough and work straightforward that they do not need your supervision. They may need to visit a library, or access the internet. We do hope that it is a learning experience for the whole family, however, you are not to be doing the work for them.

Why do you need a parent’s or caregiver’s email?

We want to make sure you are kept informed. You will be sent a copy of your child’s application. We will send you information about the weekend and keep in touch if any plans change. We will also send you updates on future programmes from Antarctic Heritage Trust. If you’d like to be taken off those lists, you can unsubscribe.

Who is responsible for my child if they are sent home early?

If your child breaks any of the rules or is issued multiple warnings, they will be sent home early at your expense. We will contact you immediately and work with you to organise an earlier flight home or pick-up time. We don’t anticipate this happening, however, we want to be clear that students are here to learn and respect the community. Any decision to send a child home early is made solely at the programme manager’s discretion.

Are you carbon offsetting the weekend?

Yes we are! Thanks to all the students and parents who are worried about this – we have been thinking of ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the weekend. We are looking at subsidies of the carbon credits from the airlines. We are also going to make the weekend as plastic free as possible. Make sure you bring your water bottle! There is no one size fits all way to reduce your own personal carbon footprint but we are hoping that students can find a new one that works for their lifestyle. The education that you receive this weekend and the impacts it can have in your life will out weight the carbon we can not subsidize.

Students visiting the Little Blue Penguins
Members of Scott's shore party. Herbert Ponting and Thomas Clissold are not in this group photograph, taken October 1911.
WPCA group of students