Young Inspiring Explorers’ Summit FAQ for Students

Will we go to Antarctica?

Not on this trip but as part of the Antarctic Heritage Trust (AHT) Alumni Programme you’ll receive all the latest updates and information about taking part in future AHT expeditions that do go to Antarctica.

What are the dates of the Summit?

September 21–22, 2019.

What if I am struggling to pay the $75 contribution after I’m accepted?

That is ok. Have a parent send us an email and we can see what we can do. Don’t let it be a barrier towards your desire to learn about Antarctica.

Can I apply if I am not a William Pike Challenge Award participant?

You need to be a member of the William Pike Challenge Award or a student at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate. Stay tuned for future programmes with more options.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

No. We will provide sleeping bags, sleeping pads and tents.

Do I need to bring snacks?

No. We will provide all the food you need for the weekend.

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions? i.e.: nut-free, celiac disease

We sure can. If accepted, we will go over any special considerations to make a plan.

Will we have cell phone service?

Yes, but this weekend will be tech-free so be sure to let loved ones know you’ll be out of contact for the weekend. If any emergencies crop up, they can contact us.

What clothing do I need to bring?

Clothing for the weekend, sturdy boots and a rain jacket are the most important things. If you do not have access to any gear, do let us know ASAP.

Are you carbon offsetting the weekend?

Yes we are! Thanks to all the students who are worried about this – We wish you did not have to but have no fear, we have been thinking of ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the weekend. We are looking at subsidies of the carbon credits from the airlines. We are also going to make the weekend as plastic free as possible. Make sure you bring your water bottle! There is no one size fits all way to reduce your own personal carbon footprint but we are hoping that students can find a new one that works for their lifestyle. The education that you receive this weekend and the impacts it can have in your life will out weight the carbon we can not subsidize.

What happens if I get homesick?

We will do our best to welcome you into the AHT family. There are going to be lots of fun things planned so we don’t think you will get homesick. If you are feeling a little lonely come talk to an adult and we can see what we can do to make you feel more comfortable. And remember, you are not alone. For many of the students on this programme, it might be their first time away from home, on a plane or taking part in a programme like this. Make the most of the experience and you’ll be home soon.

Do I need to be a New Zealand citizen?

No, you do not but you must live in New Zealand.

What if I don’t know anything about Antarctica?

That’s okay! We are all here to learn and it doesn’t matter about your base knowledge of Antarctica.

Do I need to do the pre-programme work?

Yes you do. If you come in with a bit more knowledge it will make the short time we have together so much more valuable.

Can I have help planning to give a presentation when I return to my community?

Definitely! We are going to prepare a few slides with information about Antarctic Heritage Trust’s work, give you some pictures from the weekend and a few tips on how to give a good presentation. No experience required, this is a moment to learn and lean into it.

Do I need to do the post-programme requirement of a community presentation?

We hope you will be bursting with excitement to share! If you want to earn your certificate and fully complete the programme, then you will need to share your experience. This can be to a single classroom, your whole school, a sports team, a religious group, a marae, or a public library. People will be so interested to hear what you have to say.

What if I’m afraid of dogs?

The husky dogs are used to working with people and are very friendly. If it is all too much for you, we can work with the handlers to make you comfortable. This is going to be a great moment to challenge your fears and grow.

Do I need to have any special outdoor skills?

You do not need to have any special outdoor skills for this expedition. We will be camping but we can help you set up your tent. Any other activities we do will come with instructions as many of your peers will be learning alongside you.

What are the physical requirements for the summit?

We will be moving and on our feet most of the days. We will be walking up to 5kms through uneven paddocks with the husky dogs. If you have any questions or reservations please let us know.

Artefacts from Breaking the Ice
International Antarctic Centre
An Adelie penguin outside Scott’s hut at Cape Evans, with the active volcano Mount Erebus in the background.
Penguin feeding
William Pike, Mt Scott Antarctica. Inspiring Explorers Expedition 2017.
Seal at The Antarctic Centre Gallery
Hagglund at The Antarctic Centre
WPCA students exploring