Inspiring Explorers Expeditions™

Connecting young people with the spirit of exploration and encouraging them to go and explore the world.

Encouraging the Spirit of Exploration

Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers Expeditions™ provide opportunities for young people to experience and challenge themselves in Antarctica and the polar regions.

These expeditions connect young people with the legacy the Trust cares for and encourage them to embrace that same spirit of exploration. It is a spirit as critical in the 21st century as it was over a century ago.

By making the legacy the Trust cares for relevant, young people will identify with it, value it, and in the future be motivated to protect it.

The expeditions not only change participants’ lives, they create a platform to share inspiring stories and experiences with participants’ communities and a wide audience.

Inspiring Explorers (2017) climbing Mt Scott, Antarctic Peninsula.
Antarctic Heritage Trust - Shackleton-Scott
Sir Ernest Shackleton, Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Dr Edward Wilson on the British National Antarctic Expedition, 2 Nov 1902.

Building a Leadership Legacy

The iconic Antarctic explorers Shackleton, Scott and Hillary embodied the qualities of truly exceptional leadership. Their remarkable stories of leadership in the face of adversity have resonated around the world for over 100 years.

The Inspiring Explorers Expeditions™ create opportunities for the young change-makers of tomorrow to connect with and be inspired by the qualities of those heroic Antarctic leaders.

The expeditions provide life-changing perspectives through challenge and exploration in the world’s most pristine and unforgiving environments. Antarctica is crucially important in today’s cutting edge research into climate change, biology and meteorology.

Just as crucial is fostering the Shackletons and Hillarys of the future—the young people who will draw on the great legacies of the polar heroes to drive change and instigate new perspectives for tomorrow’s world.

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