Antarctic Heritage Trust’s alumni programme has more than 100 members with a growing network of Inspiring Explorers™ among them.
The programme aims to connect, support and inspire the incredible people that have contributed to, and advocate for, the Trust’s mission of conserving, sharing and encouraging the spirit of exploration.

Alumni are ambassadors for the Trust, providing ongoing value in the form of sharing expertise, forging partnerships, spreading brand awareness, and engaging communities around the world who share the Trust’s mission.

The Trust has a number of high profile Inspiring Explorer™ alumni who have extensive reach with media and digital channels.

If you have worked for the Trust and haven’t heard from us please do get in contact as we are in the process of updating our records. We have a dedicated private Facebook group and new LinkedIn page and welcome you to join us online there and to receive regular communication updates from the Trust.

Alumni News

Explorers Join Summit Challenge

Inspiring Explorers Alexander Hillary and Leah Stewart (both 2019) took part in the Himalayan Trust’s 2020 Summit Challenge, which was to climb the equivalent of the height of Everest across the month of March. A total of 8,848 metres! The Summit Challenge was to help remote mountain communities in Nepal, in honour of the work of Sir Edmund Hillary. Sir Ed founded the Himalayan Trust in the 1960s and built the first schools, hospitals and bridges in the region.

During March, Alexander climbed a total of 9210m, running up and down One Tree Hill most days! He said it was it was a tough thing to do drawing such a height out over a month, especially on Auckland Hills and that he had run every route up and down One Tree Hill.

Leah climbed 8,899m in Christchurch, doing a combination of mountain biking and trail running mostly in the Port Hills. “It was a great challenge, pushing my boundaries and increasing my fitness while doing what I love and helping others,” says Leah.

Continuing to Explore

Inspiring Explorers Georgina Archibald, Marco de Kretser and Leah Stewart (all 2019) continued their camaraderie built during their expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula last year and organised a hike to Mueller Hut, which is located in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park in the South Island of New Zealand.

Georgina says, “It was really special to re-connect with Leah and Marco in person and take on another awesome adventure! Views from Mueller that night and early morning were spectacular.”

Georgie Archibald

2019 Inspiring Explorer alumni Leah Stewart, Marco de Kretser and Georgie Archibald

On the Move

We love hearing from our alumni about the development of their career and new jobs undertaken.

Rob Clendon (Conservator for three seasons) formally at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington, New Zealand, is now working on contract as a Conservator, Collection Care and Conservation at Australian Museum Research Institute.

Josefin Bergmark-Jimenaz (Conservator) is working as a Conservator at the Bolton Library at Limerick University. Josefin, a paper conservator, joined the Trust’s team in 2016 to help conserve the Cape Adare artefacts at the lab at Canterbury Museum in New Zealand. She discovered and conserved the Edward Wilson watercolour during this time.

Isobel Ewing (Inspiring Explorer 2017) formerly with Newshub (a New Zealand-based media agency) is now working as a television correspondent for CGTN based in Budapest.

Falcon Scott (Conservator) met the Trust’s Programme Manager (Artefacts) Lizzie Meek  at Port Lockroy as he was visiting and she was working for UKAHT. Falcon worked with the Trust during the 2011-2012 Antarctic season on the heritage carpentry team at Cape Evans. He also wrote the forward to the Cape Evans conservation plan, as the grandson of Captain Robert Falcon Scott.

Antarctic Heritage Trust/Lizzie Meek

Falcon Scott

William Pike (Inspiring Explorer 2017) and his wife Rebecca welcomed their new baby son Oliver.

Doug Henderson (Carpentry Conservator) joined the team at Cape Adare this season. Doug had previously worked on Hillary’s (TAE/IGY) Hut as it underwent its initial conservation work.

Jane Hamill (Conservator, 2009) and formerly with Auckland War Memorial Museum is studying for MDRR – Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience. Jane wintered with the Trust in Antarctica working as a conservator.

Aline Leclercq (Conservator, 2014) will give a presentation on paper conservation for an online lecture run by the University of Granada (Spain). Aline is looking forward to sharing her experience working as a conservator in Antarctica, where she was part of the winter team.

Aline Leclercq

Aline Leclercq