Antarctic Heritage Trust’s alumni programme has more than 100 members with a growing network of Inspiring Explorers™ among them.
The programme aims to connect, support and inspire the incredible people that have contributed to, and advocate for, the Trust’s mission of conserving, sharing and encouraging the spirit of exploration.

Alumni are ambassadors for the Trust, providing ongoing value in the form of sharing expertise, forging partnerships, spreading brand awareness, and engaging communities around the world who share the Trust’s mission.

The Trust has a number of high profile Inspiring Explorer™ alumni who have extensive reach with media and digital channels.

If you have worked for the Trust and haven’t heard from us please do get in contact as we are in the process of updating our records. We have a dedicated private Facebook group and a LinkedIn page and welcome you to join us online there and to receive regular communication updates from the Trust.

Alumni News

A round up of Alumni News from our June Explorer Newsletter