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The Explorer September 2020

September 10, 2020/by Support Happy Monday

Antarctic Conservation Season Update

The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted the Trust’s Antarctic operations for the upcoming 2020-2021 season.
September 6, 2020/by Comms

Alumni News September 2020

A roundup of Antarctic Heritage Trust alumni news September 2020
September 4, 2020/by Comms

Digital Design Q&A

Heritage Preservation through VR storytelling
August 24, 2020/by Comms

Winter-Quarters Warmth – the Gurney Stove in Antarctica

Winter-Quarters Warmth – the Gurney Stove in Antarctica
August 18, 2020/by Comms

Thousands set to ‘explore’ Sir Ed’s hut in Antarctica

August 3, 2020/by Comms

Herbert George Ponting Series

Herbert George Ponting Series
June 11, 2020/by Comms

The Explorer May 2020

May 19, 2020/by Serena

Alumni News May 2020

A roundup of Antarctic Heritage Trust alumni news May 2020
May 12, 2020/by Comms

RSHRP 2019-2020 Season

A team of four travelled to Ross Island in November to implement the annual monitoring and maintenance programme for the expedition bases.
May 9, 2020/by Comms

COVID-19 Update

Antarctic Heritage Trust is liaising with New Zealand authorities and expedition operator, Quark Expeditions, in an attempt to get our Inspiring Explorers home from South America.
March 20, 2020/by Comms

Introducing the 2020 Inspiring Explorers’ Expeditions™ Team

It is with much excitement that we can now announce the team that will be heading to the Antarctic Peninsula next month on our 2020 Inspiring Explorers' Expedition with Olympic kayaker Mike Dawson!
February 12, 2020/by Comms

The Explorer December 2019

December 20, 2019/by Comms

The Frozen Wild

In March 2019, Marco de Kretser travelled to the Antarctic Peninsula as a member of Antarctic Heritage…
December 12, 2019/by Comms

Cape Evans at Last

by Francesca Eathorne

Blog number five from the Trust's General Manager Operations and Communications…
December 4, 2019/by Comms

Joining the Conservation Team

by Francesca Eathorne

Blog number four from the Trust's General Manager Operations and Communications…
November 24, 2019/by Comms

Surviving Antarctic Field Training

by Francesca Eathorne

Blog number three from the Trust's General Manager Operations and Communications…
November 20, 2019/by Comms

Hot Tips for a First Trip to the Ice

I'm a planner. A list writer. Someone who gets deep satisfaction from seeing everything on my to-do list…
November 18, 2019/by Comms

An Invitation to the World’s Most Extreme Environment

November 9, 2019/by Comms

Annual Report 2018-2019

November 4, 2019/by Comms

Summit inspires youth to learn more about the Antarctic

September 20, 2019/by Comms

The Explorer August 2019

August 12, 2019/by Comms

Antarctic Conservation Update August 2019

August 7, 2019/by Comms

Virtual Reality Allows Immersive Access in Antarctica

May 8, 2019/by Comms

The Explorer April 2019

April 12, 2019/by Comms

Shackleton’s 111-year-old Beer Barrel

Antarctic Heritage Trust has returned a carefully reconstructed beer barrel to the Antarctic hut that…
January 11, 2019/by Comms

In Nansen’s Footsteps

In Nansen’s Footsteps’ follows young Antipodeans as they ski 560 kilometres to cross the Greenland icecap towing 60 kilogram sleds
January 10, 2019/by Comms

Annual Report 2017-2018

January 1, 2019/by Comms

Off to the Seaside

Although my time working around Scott Base has been incredible, the portion of my trip which I was really…
December 20, 2018/by Comms

Evans Heaven

Cape Evans was next up on our Antarctic field trip – we spent seven busy days here.

Scott's Terra…
December 20, 2018/by Comms

Ducking for Cover

A large focus for the AHT team over the last couple of weeks has been catching up on jobs associated…
November 27, 2018/by Comms

‘Still Life’ Opens at the Korea National Maritime Museum

Antarctic Heritage Trust is delighted to have their 'Still Life', which is a unique audio-visual immersive…
November 26, 2018/by Comms

Sugar Sugar

Carbs, fatty protein, sugar, fat, a bit more sugar – sound like a recipe for happiness or hospitalisation?…
November 22, 2018/by Comms

An Update from Port Lockroy

Trust Programme Manager Al Fastier joined the UKAHT Port Lockroy Conservation Team under the Trust’s partnership to share its conservation knowledge and expertise developed during the Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project.
November 15, 2018/by Comms

1000 Days on Ice

There’s an Antarctic specific occasion which only a few folks ever get to celebrate, and this week…
November 15, 2018/by Comms

Antarctic Field Training for Beginners

This has been a busy second week, with a lot of the work focussed around the TAE/IGY Hut. However, the…
November 14, 2018/by Comms

The Explorer November 2018

November 12, 2018/by Comms

Like Travelling to Another Planet

For me the whole experience of travelling to Antarctica felt more like travelling to another planet.…
November 5, 2018/by Comms

Meet Mike Gillies – 2018 Conservation Ambassador

Congratulations to Mike Gillies, who has been selected as the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s 2018/2019…
October 26, 2018/by Comms

Trip of a Lifetime for Two Auckland Students

As part of a new partnership with Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, Antarctic Heritage Trust is taking two…
October 26, 2018/by Comms

The Explorer July 2018

July 9, 2018/by Comms

A Cool Change for Adventurous Drop

Re-introducing Scott Base Central Otago Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Reserve and Chardonnay

Intrepid spirits…
July 5, 2018/by Comms

Inspiring Explorers Complete Greenland Ice Cap Crossing

They’ve done it! The Inspiring Explorers have completed the epic crossing of the Greenland ice cap
June 5, 2018/by Comms

The Explorer April 2018

April 4, 2018/by Comms

Raising the Roof

Antarctic Heritage Trust has finished the last major job of saving Sir Edmund Hillary’s hut at Scott…
March 27, 2018/by Comms

Reflections from Antarctic Ambassador Chris Ansin

When I talk to people about what it is like to visit and live in Antarctica, everyone’s imagination…
March 19, 2018/by Comms

An Antarctic Ambassador’s Awe – Diana McCormack

Since getting back everyone has been asking me “Well, how was it?” and I keep finding myself short…
March 19, 2018/by Comms

Cod Liver Oil

The team is back at Scott Base now and enjoying the relative luxuries (bathrooms, meals being served…
December 28, 2017/by Comms

Life of luxury

Much like the differences in the historic huts, compared to the cosy cabin at Cape Royds in which we…
December 21, 2017/by Comms

Life at Scott Base!

Adjusting back to life at Scott Base is like returning home from a long holiday. There are regular meal…
December 21, 2017/by Comms

Final Touches go on Sir Ed’s Antarctic Hut

The Trust raised nearly a million dollars to save the hut, also known as the TAE/IGY Hut, which was built…
December 19, 2017/by Comms

Cape Evans

Exhausted with desperation, in the dimming light of the Antarctic Autumn, the heroic men of the Terra…
December 15, 2017/by Comms

From the Terra Nova Hut at Cape Evans

From Cape Royds we moved on to Cape Evans, camping near the Terra Nova hut where we spent four days on…
December 5, 2017/by Comms

Camping On Ice

Scott Base is situated on Ross Island which is connected to the mainland by the Ross Ice Shelf. Before…
December 1, 2017/by Comms

Visiting the Nimrod Hut at Cape Royds

We have now had a whole week out in the field, visiting the historic huts. Our first trip was to…
November 29, 2017/by Comms

Human Ice Block

Has there ever been something that has always held your curiosity, but you never thought you would…
November 24, 2017/by Comms

Antarctic Field Training

Antarctic Heritage Trust Conservation Ambassador Diana McCormack shares her experience of Antarctic Field…
November 21, 2017/by Comms

Annual Report 2016-2017

November 21, 2017/by Comms

Introducing Chris Ansin!

Hello! Welcome to the adventures of the 2017 Sir Peter Blake Antarctic Youth Ambassador! My name is Chris…
November 10, 2017/by Comms

The Explorer November 2017

November 1, 2017/by Comms

Century-old Fruitcake

Antarctic Heritage Trust conservators found a 100 year old fruit cake among the artefacts from Cape…
August 10, 2017/by Comms

From Armagh to Adare, And Back Again

Cape Adare in Antarctica is one of the most isolated locations in the world and in 1898 the British Antarctic…
July 6, 2017/by Comms

The Explorer June 2017

June 30, 2017/by Comms

A Sticky Business for Jammy Conservator

The tins are from a box that was found under a bed at Cape Adare and came from Borchgrevink's expedition.

June 21, 2017/by Comms

Dr Edward Wilson Watercolour

New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust has discovered an almost perfectly preserved 118 year old watercolour painting among penguin-excrement, dust and mould covered papers found in an historic hut at Cape Adare, Antarctica.
June 12, 2017/by Comms

Hillary’s Hut Wins Award

We are delighted to have won the International category of the 31st annual Dulux Colour Awards for Hillary's…
May 12, 2017/by Comms

Life Comes Full Circle

Conservator Ciarán shares his story about coming full circle on his conservation journey with tins…
April 5, 2017/by Comms

The Great Antarctic Bake Off – Ancient Recipes Retrieved from the Ice

Among the snow melters and assorted polar paraphernalia, several tins of baking powder have lent an unusual…
April 3, 2017/by Comms

The Explorer March 2017

March 31, 2017/by Comms

Saving Hillary’s Hut

On Friday 20 January 2017 the residents of New Zealand's Scott Base celebrated the base’s 60 year anniversary…
March 19, 2017/by Comms

What’s in the Box?

While there is certainly nothing ordinary about a job that involves opening and conserving wooden crates…
March 16, 2017/by Comms

Young Kiwis conquer Antarctic mountain

Four young New Zealanders, including William Pike who lost his leg during the 2007 eruption of Mount…
March 5, 2017/by Comms

The Great Unwashed

Preparations for all polar explorations must be meticulous and there are a very few things that you can…
February 12, 2017/by Comms

Trip of a Lifetime for Young Kiwi Explorers

Four young New Zealanders are about to embark on a journey others only dream of – to Antarctica. The…
January 30, 2017/by Comms

The Explorer December 2016

December 23, 2016/by Comms

Old News is Good News

In this fractious modern world it can be comforting to know that things have ever been much the same.…
December 13, 2016/by Comms

Annual Report 2016

October 27, 2016/by Comms

Antarctic Field Training (AFT)

By Doug Henderson

All new arrivals at Scott Base are required to attend Antarctic Field Training. …
October 26, 2016/by Comms

The Summer Season Begins

By Lizzie Meek

The AHT summer conservation team is here at Scott Base, and well and truly settled…
October 25, 2016/by Comms

A Venezuelan Connection

By Josefin Jimenez

Conservator Ciaran Lavelle mused in an earlier post Life is like a box of Chocolates…
October 19, 2016/by Comms

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

By Ciaran Lavelle

Do you remember Forrest Gump sitting there on his park bench sharing not only his…
October 11, 2016/by Comms

The Name of the Game

By Josefin Jimenez

This week I have been working on half a piece of card, identified only as “Game:…
August 17, 2016/by Comms

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

By Ciaran Lavelle

Close your eyes and imagine what a typical explorer would look like. Now imagine…
August 12, 2016/by Comms

Tea Towels: Hemmed and Ready for Use

By Stefanie White

20 unused tea towels from Cape Adare are currently undergoing conservation treatment.…
August 10, 2016/by Comms

Why Did Levick Leave His Personal Items Behind?

By Stefanie White

George Murray Levick, surgeon and zoologist on Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition (1910-1913)…
August 5, 2016/by Comms

Lime Juice Nodules

By Josefin Jimenez

In most cases the historic food that comes off the ice is interesting, rather than…
July 20, 2016/by Comms

High Tea on the Icy Sea

By Ciarán Lavelle

They came from the North and they came prepared, well they came with everything…
July 12, 2016/by Comms

Reinvigorating a City … and History

By Sue Bassett

Conserving artefacts from the early British Antarctic expedition huts whilst actually…
July 4, 2016/by Comms

For Better or Worcestershire Sauce

By Josefin Jimenez

For the past weeks, as the paper conservator, I have been working on a collection…
June 27, 2016/by Comms

Fighting Fit at 30 Below

By Ciarán Lavelle

The men of Scott’s 1910 expedition would have been at the peak of their physical…
June 15, 2016/by Comms

A Discovery Below Penguin Guano

By Stefanie White

Looking through the magnification lens, I take a breath through my respirator and…
June 2, 2016/by Comms

Meet the Team – Cape Adare Artefacts Conservation Project

By Josefin Jiménez

The work to conserve the artefacts from Cape Adare, the base established by Carsten…
May 24, 2016/by Comms

The Explorer April 2016

May 10, 2016/by Comms


By Sue Bassett

During the decade of work by the Trust’s on-ice conservation teams, many personal…
February 22, 2016/by Comms