Antarctica 360 VR – Inspiring Explorers™ Expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula

Take a trip to Antarctica in 360° with our Antarctica 360 VR video series!

Filmed during the Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ to the Antarctic Peninsula 2019, now you can share the journey on your own virtual expedition, kayaking in frozen waters, interacting with penguins, shipwrecks and sleeping out on the Ice along the way.

How to Navigate:
Mobile users: Swipe screen / Move Phone
PC users: use WASD or hold left mouse button to look around
Or use a Virtual Reality headset

For the best experience, change the quality settings on your device to the highest setting

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Antarctica 360 VR Videos

Antarctica 360 VR – Port Lockroy

In this video you’ll be virtually transported to Port Lockroy, an historic Antarctic destination, standing out amongst other Peninsula landings for its unique combination of history, postal and shopping opportunities, wildlife and majestic location all at one site maintained by our sister trust, UKAHT. But most of all: penguins! Lots and lots of penguins…

Please note required distancing from wildlife was maintained.

Antarctica 360 VR – Portal Point

Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ 2019 alumna, Georgie Archibald, says her favourite moment of the whole expedition was camping out for a night away from the expedition ship.

“It was twilight and we kayaked in the evening light from the ship across to the ice, with fur seals playing next to the kayaks. We had to walk our gear up a small hill and then dig out our holes, ‘shallow graves’ our ship guide called them, put in our bivvy bag set up, and then jump in and zip up. All the while the sun was setting over this fantastic view of the bay, with the bluest of blue icebergs, glaciers, the ship in the distance outlined with lights, and then the soft pastels of the evening light – it was just beautiful.”

–  Inspiring Explorer alumna, Georgie Archibald

Read more on the Inspiring Explorer team blog

Please note overnight camping was under the supervision of experienced professional guides.

Antarctica 360 VR – Paradise Harbour

Climb into the kayak with Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ 2019 alumna, Leah Stewart, as she takes you on a 360° VR tour of Paradise Harbour in our next edition of 360° Antarctica!

“To begin to describe the scale of the surroundings of the Antarctic Peninsula is very difficult. I have never felt so small, yet so alive. It is truly amazing to breathe the crisp, cold, fresh air while sitting on blue, mirrored waters, surrounded by glaciers and mountains, with the company of their reflections right beside you.”

– Leah Stewart, Inspiring Explorers alumna

Watch the video to experience the thrill of powering through the icy waters of the Antarctic Peninsula with the rest of the Inspiring Explorers team, right from your computer or device.

Antarctica 360 VR – Half Moon Island

Clamber onto the rocky shore with Inspiring Explorer Rosanna Price and discover the wonders of Half Moon Island, with this Antarctica 360 VR video.

“In the afternoon we made it to Half Moon Island. The water was a bit more choppy, and we got the chance to thread through some rocks close to shore. Again, getting up close to wildlife and being absolutely in awe of the mountainous glaciers all around us.

We exited the kayaks onshore and walked around the island to get up close to the animals – including a Weddell seal and some Elephant seals.”

– Inspiring Explorers alumna, Rosanna Price

Please note required distancing from wildlife was maintained.

Antarctica 360 VR – Foyn Harbour

In the last of our Antarctica 360 VR video series, get up close to a piece of Antarctic history by visiting the Governoren Wreck at Foyn Harbour with the Inspiring Explorers™.

Before it was destroyed by fire in 1915, the Governoren was one of the largest whaling factory ships at the time. The ship met its fate when someone accidentally knocked a lamp to the ground during the party celebrating the end of a whaling mission.

Filled with thousands of gallons of whale oil waiting to be hauled back to Norway, the ship quickly succumbed to the flames. Despite this, the captain was able to run the ship aground, allowing the crew of 85 to escape to safety, and later rescue.

Please note kayaking near to the wreck was under the supervision of experienced professional guides.