Donate an Artefact

From time to time Antarctic Heritage Trust is approached to return artefacts which were originally used in Antarctica as part of expeditions connected to the five historic bases we care for:

The Trust welcomes any such donations, and is very happy to assist with repatriation to Antarctica, even if the object is overseas.

How do I donate?

Simply fill in the form to tell us about the artefact you wish to donate.

Where do these artefacts come from?

Some objects have been handed down through generations since they were gifted by original expedition members, or have been acquired following a similar path.

Some objects were souvenired from the historic sites in earlier decades before this became illegal under current legislation.

What happens to the artefact once it has been donated to the Trust?

The Trust cares for the artefacts and the historic Ross Sea sites on behalf of the international community, so ‘ownership’ of the artefact is transferred to the agreed appropriate historic site, and is then protected under Antarctic Treaty heritage legislation.

The Trust assumes the ongoing conservation care and responsibility for the artefacts once they are transferred to the collection, and has a fund for provision of this care. If you wish to donate to this fund, all donations go directly to the conservation of the sites, and are greatly appreciated.

How will it get to Antarctica?

Shipping fragile artefacts is not always straightforward. The Trust will work with you and our logistics partners, to figure out the safest and best means of transit for the object between where you are and Antarctica. Please don’t send anything without checking with us first. The Trust will cover the cost of transit.

How do I donate an artefact?

If you would like to donate an artefact back to the historic hut sites, please use the online form below.

Or to simply begin a discussion about an artefact, please email us.