Young Inspiring Explorers™ Worsley Weekend 2020

The inaugural Young Inspiring Explorers™ Worsley Weekend 2020 honoured ‘forgotten’ kiwi hero Frank Worsley, who captained ‘the greatest small boat journey of all time’ when he navigated the James Caird from Elephant Island to South Georgia Island to help save the crew of Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition.

Twenty students aged 11 to 13, from around Canterbury, travelled to Worsley’s home town of Akaroa, where they were challenged to step out of their comfort zones as they learned some of the skills needed to be a legendary explorer like Worsley. Activities included:

  • a walking tour of Akaroa visiting Worley’s bust and the house where he was born
  • visiting Akaroa Museum’s Worsley exhibition and hearing from Worsley historian and author Wendy Dunlop
  • a bush walk to the site of Worsley’s family home
  • an opportunity challenge themselves and foster team work on the high ropes course
  • learning about search and rescue and survival skills in the outdoors
  • trying out traditional navigation techniques with a sextant
  • developing map reading skills though orienteering
  • hearing from three of the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring ExplorersTM Alumni about their expeditions to Antarctica and South Georgia Island.

Having completed the Weekend, the students will share their experiences at a special morning tea, where they will also be welcomed in to the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Alumni Programme.

The Worsley Weekend is run in partnership with William Pike Challenge and is supported by Christchurch NZ, The Christchurch Antarctic Office, and Akaroa Museum.


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