About the Inspiring Explorers Fund™

Growing the Next Generation of Explorers

Over the years, supporters like you have helped us care for the Antarctic bases left by the legendary global figures of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Sir Edmund Hillary and Captain Robert Falcon Scott.

The early explorers’ stories and journeys are iconic. Whether they ended in success or failure, fame or obscurity they were incredible. What binds those early explorers is a shared and common trait – a desire to head into the unknown; an explorer’s mindset.

Exploration embodies curiosity, allows us to embrace uncertainty and develop resilience. These qualities are more critical in today’s world than ever before and will be crucial in shaping our shared future.

You can grow explorers…

By making a gift to the Inspiring Explorers™ Fund, you can support young explorers like Elsie, who loved learning about Captain Frank Worsley at the 2020 Young Inspiring Explorers™ Worsley Weekend.

Your gift can help young explorers like Elsie push outside their comfort zone, giving them experiences that they never imagined through the Inspiring Explorers™ programme.

No other programme in the world draws on the rich heritage of polar explorers as a source of inspiration. The Inspiring Explorers™ programme draws heavily on the explorer qualities of curiosity, resilience, leadership, innovation, and team work, encouraging young people to engage with the spirit of exploration and grow an explorer mindset. It includes our Inspiring Explorers Expeditions™, Young Inspiring Explorers™ and the Inspiring Explorers™ Education initiatives.

As a donor, you’ll receive stories of impact about programme participants. You’ll also be invited to special events, giving you the opportunity to hear stories from explorers of yesterday and today.

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Sharing the Spirit of Exploration

Inspiring Explorers deliver a dedicated outreach programme sharing their stories and encouraging others to explore. Since the inaugural expedition in 2015 Inspiring Explorers have delivered hundreds of presentations, created art, music, short films, virtual and augmented reality, Antarctic-inspired education programmes and exhibitions. Their stories have a powerful ripple effect through their communities and with our global audience, reaching millions of people worldwide.

Read some of their stories below.