Young Inspiring Explorers™

Growing tomorrow’s Hillarys and Shackletons

The Young Inspiring Explorers™ Programme encourages and empowers young, modern-day explorers to meet the challenges of life head-on by connecting them to the inspiring feats of early Antarctic exploration.

The programme challenges young people to get out of their comfort zone, fosters their natural curiosity about the world, and encourages students to share their experience with their community.

Empowering the Shackletons and Hillarys of the future forms a crucial part of the Trust’s commitment to engaging and inspiring a new generation of explorers.

Young Inspiring Explorers™ Summit

The Summit brings students from around New Zealand together for a weekend of exploration around Christchurch, Gateway City to Antarctica.

Students take part in Antarctic learning experiences which include meeting huskies and penguins, and weathering an Antarctic storm. They also learn about the early Antarctic Explorers, and find out what it’s like to live at New Zealand’s Scott Base.

Young Inspiring Explorers™ Worsley Weekend

This Weekend connects Canterbury students with the spirit of Antarctic exploration and celebrates Antarctic explorer and local hero, Frank Worsley, who was part of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition.

Students take part in a high ropes course, a rafting challenge on Akaroa Harbour, a walk to the site of Worsley’s family home, and an overnight stay on Banks Peninsula.

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