Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition 2020—Antarctic Peninsula

Eligibility Criteria & Expedition Member Obligations

A key component in selection will be the expedition applicant’s desire to inspire others to explore through their participation in this expedition. This desire must be supported by a clear and achievable outreach plan to be agreed upon with Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Eligibility Criteria

Successful applicants will:

  • Be aged between 18 and 30.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand and be residing in the country.
  • Have basic kayaking skills and water safety.
  • Be in good health with at least a moderate level of fitness and stamina.
  • Be willing to be part of a small team led by a professional guide.
  • Possess an adventurous spirit.
  • Have the desire and ability to inspire others.
  • Be excited to share their experience with the public and media.

Successful applicants will need to be approved by Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Obligations on Successful Applicants

  • To deliver an outreach plan to an agreed timeline and framework to inspire others.
  • To participate in a two-day team-building trip in Auckland in February 2020.
  • To comply with all Health & Safety regulations and requirements.
  • To not make public your involvement in the expedition (outside your immediate whānau) until advised by Antarctic Heritage Trust.
  • To participate in media and profiling activities arranged by Antarctic Heritage Trust.
  • To contribute text and photographs or other pre-agreed content before and during the expedition.
  • To consent for Antarctic Heritage Trust to use text and images for promotions (including web and social media channels).
  • Act in a responsible manner as a representative of Antarctic Heritage Trust while on the expedition.
  • To travel to and from Ushuaia, South America and beyond on agreed dates as part of the expedition team on flights booked by Antarctic Heritage Trust.
  • To train and prepare physically for kayaking for extended periods at own cost.
  • To act as an ambassador for Antarctic Heritage Trust, including engaging with future Inspiring Explorers and becoming part of the AHT Alumni Programme.

Outreach Programme

We ask each Inspiring Explorer to conceive and deliver an outreach programme.

The focus is on sharing the experience to inspire others to explore.

Examples of outreach include sharing stories through presentations, blogging, social media, photography, traditional media, short film or video content. Or it may be something else that’s awesome and created by you.

We are looking for Inspiring Explorers who each offer a unique outreach programme to reach different audiences. It is up to each applicant to develop and tell us their plan.

Expedition Costs

Antarctic Heritage Trust will meet the costs for:

  • Guides, flights, accommodation and meals on the team-building trip in Auckland.
  • Economy class air-travel from your place of residence to Ushuaia, Argentina and return on an airline of the Trust’s choosing.
  • Accommodation, food and kayaking expenses while aboard the Quark Expeditions vessel (within agreed limits).

Selected Inspiring Explorers will:

  • Contribute NZD$2000 towards the expedition costs.
  • Arrange and secure at your own cost personal travel insurance including for camera/laptop gear; and supply evidence of cover to the Trust before departure. Note: The expedition company will provide Search and Rescue Insurance for the duration of the expedition.
  • Provide your own base layers (thermals), insulating layers (fleece or wool for both tops and bottoms, and multiple pairs of warm socks), headwear and gloves, and sun protection gear.
  • Agree not to have any personal sponsors/gear sponsors for participation in the expedition.
  • Be prepared to wear/use fit-for-purpose sponsor gear supplied by the expedition team, if asked.
  • Cover the costs for securing any visas and taxes required for travel under your travelling passport.
  • Cover costs (if any) for your excess baggage.
  • Cover costs for any other incidentals.
  • Undertake a medical examination if required.

Applications close Monday 28 October.

The fine print

The Trust reserves the right to cancel the expedition or not take a participant(s) for any reason and without recourse. This includes but is not limited to, circumstances beyond the Trust’s control including Quark Expeditions’ Antarctic programme changes, ship availability, or changes to the Trust’s Inspiring Explorers’ Expeditions programme funding, sponsor arrangements or budgets. In that unlikely event, the Trust will only be responsible for refunding the expedition contribution (if paid), incurred by a participant(s) at the time of written notification provided by the Trust. If a selected Inspiring Explorer is unable or unwilling for any reason to partake in the expedition the Trust will endeavour to find a replacement but will not guarantee refund of the participant’s contribution.

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