A cool change for adventurous drop

Re-introducing Scott Base Central Otago Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Reserve and Chardonnay

Credit: Allan Scott Wine

Intrepid spirits across Aotearoa already count Scott Base wines amongst their favourite drops and now these old friends are getting a new look.

The new labels reflect the unpretentious quality for which Scott Base vineyard is well known.  “Sophisticated and unfussy – just like the contents of the bottle,” says Director of Wine Josh Scott.

“The brand has really matured in the last few years and we wanted the bottles to show that. Of course, we wouldn’t dream of changing the wine itself, these are family favourites and there would be mutiny at the dinner table!”

Although the vineyard was named in honour of treasured Scott family holiday memories, the serendipitous link to Sir Ed’s legacy in Antarctica has become a key touchstone as the vineyard continues its partnership with the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

“Our family always celebrated big events with trips to the Otago region. Heading south always feels like sliding into home base. The Antarctic connection in the name was a happy accident and it’s allowed us to organically develop a really rewarding partnership with the Antarctic Heritage Trust,” says Scott.

For more than a decade, the Scott family has supported the trust, which cares for the remarkable expedition bases of early Antarctic explorers, including Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hillary. Scott Base (the wine, that is) donates a percentage of all sales of their premium product to the trust and provides wine to events and ongoing activities.

With a single vineyard nestled in the heart of Central Otago, overlooking Lake Dunstan and framed by the majestic Pisa Range, Scott Base wines are the epitome of rugged sophistication.

The Cromwell vineyard offers wines made only in small quantities, carefully crafted to give full expression to their regional characters. With absolute focus on harvesting only the best fruit by hand, the wine has a velvety depth and intensity unique to the Scott Base range.

“Our avid customers can be assured our wines are the same delicious drops they know and love – and now they’re sporting a modern new look,” says Scott.

The Scott Base Pinot Noir is particularly memorable, exhibiting classic Central Otago aromatics of ripe cherries, raspberries and wild thyme. The palate is full of primary fruits and finishes with smooth tannins and oaky sweetness for a pleasing finish. Ideal with pâtés and peppery Italian cured meats, the Pinot also matches beautifully with beef and lamb dishes, while those with a sweet tooth are encouraged to try it with a rich, dark chocolate dessert.

The new-look Scott Base Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Reserve and Chardonnay are on sale now at fine wine retailers across Aotearoa, online or – if you’re up for an adventure – straight from the cellar door.  


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